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I purchased an upper retainer for £48.99

Before purchasing, I contacted DenLab Direct twice asking if it was fine if I sent in my own impressions I got from my dentist (Stone Impression). They on both occasions said yes that's fine however we cannot guarantee it will fit your teeth. I said that's fine, I will take that risk.

After sending it in using my own money for postage, I received the retainer within a week. Although fairly quick, I am highly unimpressed. They sent me a retainer that whilst it does fit both the impressions and my teeth, it does not cover the whole upper teeth. They've literally sent me a retainer for my four front teeth and that's all - It literally looks like half a retainer. It does not cover my whole upper teeth that a normal retainer would cover/fit to. I was not told that this would be the occurrence / potential occurrence at all.

I then decided to email them with proof pictures however they have ignored those emails.

I do not recommend to purchase from this company as any issues, they will NOT sort it out or refund you. Therefore avoid the risk and hassle and go with another company or your dentist to avoid losing your money or receiving a defective retainer.

Hope this review help some potential buyers.

After DenLab saw this review, they finally replied to my email and mentioned they will sort it out if I remove review. I requested for them to sort the issue out prior to me removing review, they agreed. I then out of my own cost which they've refunded, sent the impressions. During that time, they have tried removing my review by stating they aren't aware of me as a customer. Despite them emailing me directly regarding this review. Trust pilot then requested for proof of purchase and I have sent it to them and they have put the review back on the website.

However I have sent the impressions and they're policy is within 7 working days , they send back the impressions with retainer. It's been past 7 working days since they've received my impressions and they have not bothered to send my revised retainer. I have emailed them again and I'm sure once they see this updated review, they'll reply to my email.

Will continue to update progress. Seems very troublesome just to get what you ordered.

In regards to the response, DenLab Direct seems to repeatedly give mis-information on purpose. Initially, the excuse they used for sending me half a retainer is that for comfort purposes, they do not create retainer for whole upper or lower arch. They stated this to me via email. However they're website states they DO create retainer for whole upper and lower arch. When I mentioned this to them, they stated, apologies for the error on the website, this will be looked at and dealt with. As of yet, that 'error' or a better word to describe it - rubbish excuse has not been dealt with.

In the response on this review, they state turnaround time of 7 working days has been met, it starts a day after receiving impressions. 1) On the phone they stated 7 working days 'from the day we receive your impressions'. 2) On the website there is no mention that the turnaround time starts a day after receiving impressions and does not even state 7 working days. It states 7-10days with no explicit mention of working days. It has since past 10 days since I sent the impressions.

Overall the issue hasn't just been mis-information, just a bad overall purchasing experience. I do hope I receive the revised retainer to my satisfaction and will take down review accordingly and leave a more neutral feedback.


So I finally received my retainer and my stone impressions returned. They didn't bother packaging the stone impressions properly and now it's BROKEN and CHIPPED and those impressions cannot be 100% remade exactly how it was as teeth moves if not in place by a retainer. So I no longer have my original stone impressions!

ThEretainer which I originally had the issue with it not covering upper arch, it STILL does not cover whole of upper arch even after being remade even though they promised to do this. In addition, the REATINER IS NOTHING LIKE THE RETAINERS AT A DENTIST. IT IS IF SO LOW QUALITY.

The only comparison I can make is its the same as a FAKE IPHONE in comparison to a REAL ONE. The quality is shockingly awful.

I then tried to email them and they refused to help me and basically said hey don't care if I leave a negative review! WHAT AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE.


This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of instasmile clip on veneers retainers from Denlab Direct and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $100 and wants Denlab Direct to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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